PCV Board Update | August 2021
Suanne Waugh
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PCV Board Update | August 2021

Update from the Board – August 2021

This update is the first official member communication from the inaugural PCV Board.  The Board is committed to regularly sharing important information, achievements and news with members, including key points from PCV Board and State Council meetings.


2021 has again thrown many challenges to the Pony Club Victoria community.  Maintaining a sense of connection to their club and friends is very important for young people, especially when their school, university or work life has suffered so much disruption.  It is heartening to see how clubs respond to the constant changes, with members and volunteers working tirelessly to keep rallies and activities running.  Thank you so much for your efforts.


Overall membership growth increased by 7% in 2021 compared to 2020, a fantastic result in exceptional times.

The Ready2Ride Program has now grown to 178 members across 36 clubs.  Mornington Pony Club is leading the way with 15 members in this category.  There has also been strong uptake and support for coach’s membership, with 935 renewals received.


A new Board is a unique opportunity to establish governance structures and frameworks without past legacies; however, it takes time to develop a solid foundation to enable future growth.  Work to date includes:

  • State Council interim charter
  • Delegation of authority framework to establish a transparent financial expenditure approval process\
  • Requirement for Working with Children Check (WWCC) for all PCV members and supporters aged 18 and over (from 1st January 2022)
  • Removal of competition membership category

PCV Office

PCV is currently recruiting for the CEO position; find out more about this role at https://bit.ly/3rERN6Hor on the website.  Andrew Walton, the interim Executive Officer, recently finished his contract with PCV.  The Board thank Andrew for his contribution during his time in the role.

We bid farewell to Suanne Waugh, who, after 22 years of exceptional service, will finish at PCV on Friday 20th August.  Suanne’s knowledge, support, and contribution to clubs and members have been significant across a wonderful career. She leaves with our greatest appreciation and best wishes for her new endeavours.

The Board would like the new CEO to be part of the recruitment process for a suitable replacement for this vital position.


You may be aware the National Championships planned for September/October in Benalla will not run in the traditional format.  Instead, Pony Club Australia (PCA) is conducting a PCA National Championships virtually.  Subject to COVID restrictions, the Victorian team will compete at a centralised hub and live streaming of each rider’s performance judged centrally.

Thank you to the volunteers and coaches who have given countless hours of their time to ensure Victorian riders have the chance to take part in this event.  We hope all PCV members will get behind TeamVIC at this event.


Omnisport Management will end support of their product within Australia in the next six months.  PCA has requested tender responses to deliver a replacement to meet the organisation’s ongoing technology services.  A PCV Board member and an office representative will be part of the working party to select the new solution.

Pony Club Victoria Board - August 2021

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